About us


With years of experience, know-how and advanced technology equipment, we serve with our wide service network.

Keskeen Car Group is a wide service network capable of providing quality service to all brands of vehicles. With our comprehensive range of services, we offer practical and economical solutions to the changing needs of our customers.

At Keskeen Car Group services, our quality processes are regularly checked. We make all our customers feel at home.

All our maintenance and repairs are fast, reliable and to manufacturer standards. All our services are guaranteed and will not void your warranty (just like authorized service).

All Keskeen Car Group services use high-tech service equipment and the latest information systems. All of our technical staff who provide service to our customers are trained and specialized in troubleshooting and repair.

Keskeen Car Group services are certified to provide services in accordance with the rules and standards applicable to authorized services for motor vehicles with TSE-HYB service qualification certificates obtained from the Turkish Standards Institute.

Our values


All our vehicle parts are manufacturer approved and legally guaranteed. 


Only the necessary parts are repaired or replaced with technical staff trained in the maintenance and repair of all brands and models of vehicles.


Our customers are offered the most advantageous offers without compromising on quality.

Quality & Satisfaction

Our professionalism is at the forefront of all our services to meet our customers' expectations of saving money and time. Our offers are clear, your vehicle is delivered on time.

Quality and professionalism in service for the safety of life and property in traffic